Life with a Brain Injury

Our brains make us who we are,
Mine is now different,
A complex organ degraded by injury.

Most days I feel inefficient,
A Land Rover engine, insufficient,
For an armoured vehicle.

Reduced capacity to drive,
With the power and speed,
I used to, I want to, I feel, I need.

Enforced change in cognition, behaviour, personality,
I have changed but how to explain the difficulty,
Obvious to me but not you?

Thirty-nine years of personal development stubbed out,
Like the post-firefight cigarettes we smoked about,
In Afghanistan.

No longer can I serve to lead,
Although I plead,
Just to see again, the person I grew to be.

Waking up a different person,
Altered for the rest of your life.

How do you deal with it?
With sadness, strife,

My life has changed irrevocably,
A challenge so unexpected,
One that I am not sure I can win,
Though one I have to face.