‘A Child’s Memory of War’ by Olivia Hill (age 9)

As the days pass on,
I remember the day,
That brought us all together again,
From the separation of Afghanistan.

Looking at the bed that holds my Daddy,
Sleeping in a mind of unconsciousness,
Dreaming of space and eternity,
I remember the way he slept,
I remember the way he lay.

I see my Daddy wake,
Feeling puzzled and confused,
I see my Daddy crying,
Hurt in his eyes,
I know what he is thinking,
His family and friends
And the unfortunate ones who have now died.

God bless all of the soldiers,
Pray for them,
If only the Taliban could see what they were destroying,
The brave and loved ones who are now
Just memories

I see my Daddy get up,
From where he lay on his bed,
Scars and scabs around him,
Holding onto the walls,
Helping him balance
Walking across the gleaming floor.

I remember the tubes all up his arms,
The bandages and plasters,
Him not being able to manage walking,
Then being put in a wheelchair,
Wheeling across the floor
Determined, once again, to take his first steps.

April 2010