Oil on linen 48 x 36 inches


I am an article of war. I became an artist because of my traumatic brain injury, suffered whilst serving in Afghanistan in 2009, on my second tour.


I AM shows the two sides to my recent life but in harmony. I am wearing the ceremonial Blues jacket showing my medals, obtained whilst serving in Northern Ireland, Bosnia, Kosovo and Afghanistan, alongside the Queen’s Golden Jubilee medal. I hold the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee medal in my hand as this was issued after my discharge. This medal was awarded for all those serving on 6 February 2012. I was medically discharged on 28 February 2009.


I AM wearing jeans, a polo shirt and show my short beard also. These are the clothes and facial hair that mark me as a civilian.

'I AM'

I AM invisibly wounded. My brain impairments and the disruptive impact on my life cannot be shown through a prosthesis or something similar. The only visible part of my injury in this portrait are the two blue hearing aids, just showing over my ears.


I AM now content with my military and civilian life.


I AM a portrait artist.