Stewart Hill

Captain RWM Bowers in Memoriam

Size options: A2, A3, A4 and A5
Fine art giclee prints  
Rupert was killed on 21st March 2012 in Afghanistan and I knew Rupert from my time with 2 MERCIAN. I wanted to venerate him in some way so decided on a portrait. This would be my second oil portrait and sixth ever painting so I sought the Commanding Officer of 2 MERCIAN’s permission with trepidation. I offered to paint a portrait of Rupert for the Officers’ Mess but would only present the painting if it looked like Rupert and would honour him.
I wanted permission from his wife also before proceeding. I got to know Victoria and their newborn son Hugo during the selection and painting process and am delighted to count her as a friend. I had not met her before Rupert was killed.
The image of Rupert was taken from a photograph of him in Afghanistan in 2012. This was his third tour to Afghanistan in five years. I wanted to show to an observer that Rupert had been killed and decided to create a halo effect in the painting.

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